Hire the Inventor Mentor to spice up your event or program!


In School

With the help of The Inventor Mentor students excitement for science and invention will be sparked, and they ‘ll learn you can do some really neat things with a good science education.

After School

In after school workshops Terry guides children through the whole invention process, from the initial stages of brainstorming ideas straight through to prototyping and building their inventions.

Science Recess

Science enrichment without disrupting your schedule! This is an exciting program where terry captivates the crowd with water bottle rockets, air tube rockets, super large bubbles, and airzooka fog rings.

Home School

Home school is challenging enough, and accurately covering science is Terry’s specialty. Typically a home school parent will get together 5 or 6 other home school kids of varying ages for a series of 6 science sessions that can cover a variety of exciting, hands on, science topics or requests.

Birthday Parties

The Inventor Mentor offers a host of fascinating and exhilarating science activities for your child’s birthday party.


If you need an exciting opening act for your festival or fair, Terry can get the energy going for your audience.