Where kids are the inventors! In after school workshops Terry guides children through the whole invention process, from the initial stages of brainstorming ideas straight through to prototyping and building their inventions. Kids really are their own inventors as Terry takes their ideas, reduces them to practice, and helps them build their inventions! Kids also do an exciting array of previous kid’s inventions.

In past workshops kids have designed boats, fishing rods, robotic spiders, even hovercrafts. Kids also get to experiment, for both fun and inspiration, with some of Terry’s own inventions for kids — and then perhaps modify and improve them.



Session Information

Public / Private School

Duration: 8 weekly one-hour sessions
Class Size: 10 – 12 students maximum

Home School

Duration: 1 – 2 class periods weekly over 6 weeks
Class Size: 10 – 12 students maximum