Science enrichment without disrupting your schedule! This is an exciting program where terry captivates the crowd with water bottle rockets, air tube rockets, super large bubbles, and airzooka fog rings. The kids learn some cool science while they play outside. Terry will use available teachers and playground monitors or parent helpers to assist in keeping order, as the kids get really excited.

3D Chalk

Terry really gives credit to Crayola to keep inventing with their basic products. 3D chalk is brightly colored chalk that, when viewed through defraction grading 3D glasses, display different colors at different heights. Kids create murals, staircases, and patterns while viewing in 3D!

Big Bubble Wands

Multiple 8 wand bubble stations are provided with various levels of bubble wand technology for kids and adults of all ages to create, manipulate, and pop super big bubbles made with state of the art extreme bubble solution

Airzooka and Fog Rings

Created by a 7th grade science fair student, the Airzooka "shoots" a mysterious puff of air up to 60 feet. While some kids may be familiar with this concept, The Inventor Mentor challenges them to explain the mystery behind the technology. Then, The Inventor Mentor introduces a "fog" generator gun, which fills the Airzooka with breathable fog for kids to see the mathematics of the Airzooka tornado rings as they fly. At night the fog rings can be blue rings of fire!

Water Ballon and Stuffed Animal Launchers

Using a bungee cord "funnelator" to launch across (or just up!), the kids catch water balloons or stuffed animals with modified tennis rackets fitted with nets. The kids can keep their catch or launch it again. The launch zone is adult supervised and has restricted access.

Water Bottle Rockets

Kids launch 2-liter soda bottle rockets skyward with a bicycle pump. With wings, decorations, piggybacking airplanes, etc., they explore rocketry and aerodynamics in launch after launch.

Air Tube Rockets and Gliders

Kids launch pressurized air tube rockets that can carry plush toys, marshmallows, paper air planes, or gliders into orbit. Kids can experiment with different rocket designs throughout the party.

Session Information

Last minute bookings available.
Duration: 45 minute or so


Educational Science Frameworks

These activities apply to the physical science framework for grades 3 – 5 :

State of Matter (Airzooka Fog Rings, Water Bottle Rocket)
Forms of Energy (Bungee Cord Launching, Air Tube Rockets)
Water Cycle (Water Rockets, Airzooka)