Terry, the Inventor Mentor, has been bringing his workshops and outdoor summertime fun to area camps for a number of years. He will work with your camp for the best fit of structured workshops such as Creating Inventions , Rubber Band Inventions, or Launching Inventions or just bring his full camp excitement of outdoor fun inventions including:

Big Bubble wands and bubble stations         Foam generators and Foamageadon

Water cannon and water wars                        Water Bottle Rockets

Plush toy parachute launching                        Airzookas with Fog Rings

Bungee cord Kid Launching                            3D chalk stations

Stomp rocket Launching                                  Air tube Rocket Launching

Marshmellow Cannons                                     and more

Indoor Activities

Full scale Hovercraft riding                              Nerf wars Armageddon            Air Table flying structures

Light saber battles                                              Rubber band Inventions          Bernoulli air power

Glow walls and Shadow fun                              ElectroStatics                            Kid in a bubble demos