Are you having an outdoor Festival, Party, or Event?   Why not spice up the event with some exciting and engaging outdoor science with Terry, the Inventor Mentor.  Terry brings big bubble stations and wands, Foam generators, marshmellow cannons, Stomp Rockets, Water bottle and Air tube rockets, Plush toy with parachutes launching, Airzookas with Fog, and much more.

Terry has years of experience bringing his outdoor fun to all variety of events, from block parties, to science fairs, school field days, town days, and all forms of public outdoor events. When he sets up his bubble stations at outdoor concert venues, the event is transformed as all the kids flock to enjoy the fun.

Invite Terry to your next outdoor event.   Fees range from just covering materials cost to $350-$450 for a 3 hr event. Some events Terry does for free, just to engage the community with his science fun.

Sample list of past events

Cambridge Science Festival 2007-2015 Science carnival               Northeast Arc Family Harvest Festival

Winchester Lynch School  Barbecue  Party 2010-2016                   Newport Kite Festival

St Johns School 2015 Kick off Party                                                 Newport Maker Fair

Somerville 2015 Family day                                                               Bridgewater State University Open Lab

Winchester Town Day 2010-2015                                                      Science In the Streets 2014-2015

Camp Miracles and Magic, Ron Burton training Village 2012-2015

Mystic Herring Run 2007-2015                                                            Renaissance Charter School, Hyde Park

McCall Middle School Engineers day Winchester 2005-2015        Outreach Live New England 2009,2014

Cool Science Club Winchester 2008-2011                                          Nashoba Valley Family night 2014

Science Club For Girls Science Fairs  2005-2009                          Pi night Lawrence Bruce School 2012-15